21 Best Ways to Create High Quality Do Follow Backlinks

Creating high-quality, do-follow backlinks is essential for improving your review blog post’s search engine visibility and authority. Here are several effective strategies to build these valuable links:

What are the different ways to create High-Quality Do Follow Backlinks for my Review Blog Post?

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1. Guest Blogging

  • Offer Value: Write valuable, high-quality content for reputable sites in your niche. Include a do-follow link back to your review post in your author bio or within the content, where allowed.
  • Target Relevant Blogs: Focus on blogs that are relevant to your niche and have a high domain authority for maximum impact.
  • Find Broken Links: Use tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to find broken links on websites relevant to your niche.
  • Reach Out: Contact the website owner, inform them about the broken link, and suggest your review post as a replacement.

3. Creating Skyscraper Content

  • Develop Comprehensive Content: Create a piece of content (e.g., a detailed guide or infographic) related to your review post that offers significant value.
  • Promote Your Content: Reach out to websites that have linked to similar content and suggest your improved version as a more valuable resource.

4. Leverage Industry Forums and Communities

  • Participate Actively: Engage in relevant forums and online communities. Provide helpful answers and include a do-follow link to your review post when relevant and permitted.
  • Establish Authority: Consistently contributing valuable insights can establish you as an authority, making your links more credible and welcomed.

5. Use Resource Pages

  • Identify Resource Pages: Look for resource pages that list helpful links in your niche.
  • Pitch Your Post: Contact the website owner or editor and make a case for including your review post as a resource on their page.

6. Create and Promote Infographics

  • Design Engaging Infographics: Turn the information from your review post into an engaging, informative infographic.
  • Outreach: Offer your infographic to other blogs or websites in your niche, asking them to share it with a do-follow link back to your original post.

7. Write Testimonials

  • Offer to Write Testimonials: Many companies allow you to include a link back to your website when you provide a testimonial for their product or service. Ensure it’s relevant to your niche and content.

8. Collaborate with Influencers

  • Engage Influencers: Partner with influencers in your niche for content creation or promotion. They can include do-follow links to your content in their blog posts, videos, or social media platforms.

9. Publish Original Research or Reports

  • Conduct Surveys or Studies: Original research or unique insights in your niche can attract backlinks naturally as others reference your findings in their content.

10. Utilize Press Releases

  • Announce Significant Developments: If you have noteworthy news related to your blog or review post, distribute a press release through platforms that allow do-follow links.

11. HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

  • Respond to Queries: Use HARO or similar platforms to respond to journalists’ queries with valuable information or insights, including a link to your blog as a source.

12. Content Syndication

  • Syndicate Your Content: Publish your review post or a version of it on platforms like Medium or LinkedIn, where you can include do-follow links back to the original post.
  • Create In-depth Guides: Comprehensive guides in your niche are valuable resources that other sites are more likely to link to.
  • Infographics: Visually appealing and informative infographics are highly shareable and can earn backlinks from various sources.
  • Data Studies and Research: Original research and data are link magnets. Other bloggers and journalists might link to your study as a source.

14. Content Collaboration

  • Co-author Content: Work with influencers or experts in your field to co-author articles. They’re likely to share and link to the content.
  • Expert Roundups: Create posts featuring insights from various experts. Participants and their networks often share and link to these roundups.
  • Webinars and Online Workshops: Collaborate on educational content, encouraging partners to link back to your shared event.

15. Community Engagement

  • Participate in Niche Forums: Contribute valuable insights in forums related to your niche. When appropriate, link back to your content as a resource.
  • Answer Questions on Q&A Platforms: Platforms like Quora and Reddit can be great places to share your expertise and link to your content for further reading.
  • Comment on Relevant Blogs: Leave thoughtful comments on blog posts, adding to the conversation. Some blogs allow you to include your website link in your comment signature.

16. Utilize Social Media and Social Bookmarking Sites

  • Share on Social Media: Regularly share and promote your content on social media platforms. Engaging content can attract backlinks from other users.
  • Submit to Social Bookmarking Sites: Sites like Digg, Scoop.it, and Mix can help increase visibility and potentially lead to backlinks.

17. Create Shareable Assets

  • Templates and Tools: Offer free templates, tools, or resources relevant to your niche. These are valuable assets that others will want to link to.
  • E-books and Whitepapers: Publish e-books or whitepapers on hot topics in your industry. Promote these through your channels and to your email list.
  • Newsjacking: Create content that ties into trending news stories or hot topics. If you’re quick and your content adds value, it might get linked as a resource in news articles or blog posts.
  • Press Releases: For genuinely newsworthy events (like launching a significant study, product, or innovation), distribute a press release.

19. Local Partnerships and Community Involvement

  • Local Business Partnerships: Collaborate with local businesses for events or promotions, and get listed on their websites.
  • Sponsor or Participate in Local Events: Sponsoring local events, charities, or teams can earn you backlinks from their websites.
  • Give Testimonials: Offer to give testimonials for products or services you use. Businesses often link back to their customers’ websites.
  • Track Mentions: Use tools to monitor mentions of your brand. If someone mentions you without linking, reach out and ask them to add a link.
  • Fix Broken Links: Identify broken links to your site using tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush, then contact the site owners to update the links.

21. Directories and Resource Pages

  • Get Listed in Industry Directories: Find reputable directories in your niche and submit your site.
  • Suggest Your Content for Resource Pages: Identify resource pages in your niche and suggest your content as an addition.

Building high-quality do-follow backlinks takes time and effort, focusing on providing value and establishing genuine relationships within your niche. Prioritize strategies that not only build links but also enhance your blog’s reputation and visibility.

While some of these strategies can help you gain backlinks more “easily” than others, the key is consistently creating high-quality, valuable content that others want to link to. Building relationships within your niche and being active in relevant communities can also significantly enhance your backlinking efforts.

Gaining backlinks from high domain authority (DA) websites can significantly boost your site’s SEO performance. While “easily” obtaining backlinks might vary in difficulty depending on your approach and the value you offer, here are 50 websites, including social media platforms, where you can potentially secure high-quality backlinks:

Social Media and Professional Networking

  1. LinkedIn (DA 99) – Share articles and participate in discussions.
  2. Facebook (DA 96) – Post content and share links in your profile or page.
  3. Twitter (DA 94) – Tweet links to your content.
  4. Pinterest (DA 94) – Pin images linked to your posts.
  5. Instagram (DA 93) – Share stories or posts with links in your bio.
  6. YouTube (DA 93) – Include links in your video descriptions.
  7. Reddit (DA 91) – Participate in relevant subreddits and share valuable content.
  8. Tumblr (DA 87) – Post content and embed links to your blog.
  9. Flickr (DA 91) – Share images with links in the descriptions.
  10. Vimeo (DA 96) – Share videos with links in the video description.

Content Publishing Platforms

  1. Medium (DA 95) – Publish articles directly or syndicate your blog content.
  2. Quora (DA 93) – Answer questions and include relevant links to your content.
  3. SlideShare (DA 85) – Share presentations with backlinks in the content.
  4. Issuu (DA 94) – Publish digital magazines or brochures with links to your site.
  5. Scribd (DA 94) – Share documents and publications with embedded links.

Business Directories and Review Sites

  1. Yelp (DA 93) – Create a business profile.
  2. YellowPages (DA 88) – List your business.
  3. BBB (Better Business Bureau) (DA 91) – Get accredited and create a profile.
  4. Glassdoor (DA 89) – For employer reviews and company profiles.
  5. Manta (DA 80) – List your business.

Web 2.0 and Community Forums

  1. WordPress.com (DA 92) – Create a free blog with backlinks to your site.
  2. Blogger (DA 99) – Another platform for free blogs linking back to your site.
  3. Stack Overflow (DA 93) – Participate in discussions and use your profile link.
  4. Stack Exchange (DA 89) – Engage in relevant Q&A, similar to Stack Overflow.
  5. GitHub (DA 96) – Share projects or contribute to repositories (useful for tech-focused content).

Educational and Governmental Institutions

  1. .edu and .gov forums and blogs – Participate in discussions and leave comments (Note: Specific URLs vary, and opportunities depend on your ability to contribute valuable insight or content).

Press Release Distribution Services

  1. PR Newswire (DA 92) – Distribute press releases (paid service).
  2. Business Wire (DA 92) – Another option for press release distribution.

High DA Article Submission Sites

  1. EzineArticles (DA 87) – Submit articles in your niche.
  2. HubPages (DA 91) – Publish detailed articles and guides.

Bookmarking and Curated Content Sites

  1. Digg (DA 93) – Share your content for others to find.
  2. Scoop.it (DA 92) – Curate content on your topic areas with backlinks to your sources.
  3. Pocket (DA 91) – Users can save articles, which includes a backlink.

Other Notable Websites

  1. TED (DA 93) – If you can get a speaking gig or contribute in some way, you might secure a valuable link.
  2. SoundCloud (DA 93) – Share audio content with links in the descriptions.
  3. Disqus (DA 93) – Comment on platforms using Disqus for commenting.
  4. Behance (DA 92) – Showcase your creative work with project links.
  5. Dribbble (DA 92) – Share small screenshots of your work with links back to your projects.
  6. IMDb (DA 95) – If applicable, contribute content or participate in the forums.
  7. Wikipedia (DA 93) – Contribute valuable content and reference your work (Note: Strict guidelines).
  8. Eventbrite (DA 92) – Host events and include backlinks in your event descriptions.
  9. Kickstarter (DA 92) – Launch a project with backlinks to your site in the project description.
  10. Meetup (DA 92) – Organize meetups and include links in your group’s description.
  11. Zotero (DA 77) – Participate in the Zotero community and use your profile link.
  12. Academia.edu (DA 93) – Share academic papers with links to your research.
  13. ResearchGate (DA 93) – Engage with the academic community and share your research.
  14. BuzzFeed Community (DA 93) – Create engaging content that links back to your site.
  15. Vox Media (DA 92) – Contribute content if you can get a guest post opportunity.
  16. Forbes (DA 95) – Contribute as a guest writer or get featured (highly competitive).
  17. Mashable (DA 93) – Another site where guest posting might secure a high-quality link.

Remember, while securing backlinks from these high DA sites, focus on providing value and relevant content to ensure your links remain beneficial to your SEO efforts and audience.

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