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Unlock the Secrets of Digital Marketing: A Beginner’s Blueprint 2024

Do you want to become successful Businessman?
Do you want to grow your business to next level?
Definitely Yes!!
You are here at the Right place now. You need to know something special, which is the backbone of every business, That’s the “Digital Marketing” .

Digital Marketing helps you to grow your business to the next level of your Financial Goal.

Fundamental of Digital Marketing

This Blog Post is about understanding the Digital Marketing fundamentals, Digital vs Traditional way of marketing, CATT Marketing Funnels, Integrated Digital Marketing, and Personal Branding with Mass Blueprint.

This article will be helpful for Businessman, Freelancers, Blogger, Professionals, Consultant, and Marketers

Let’s go in deep with each of the parts.

Marketing is the science, not just the creativity to develop a product and sell it out. Process of marketing starts before the development of product which includes understanding the customer’s interest, needs, problems and challenges. If you design your product after understanding the customer’s requirement then it automatically sell out naturally.

Digital Marketing Fundamental

To understand the Marketing you need to ask yourself
1) What to Market? => Product
2) Whom to Market? => Target Customers
3) When to Market? => Right timing
4) What is the need of Marketing? => To increase Sales activities

Marketing is the process of sending Right Product to Right Person at Right time.

“Marketing is the Game of Perception”

The Product is designed in such a way that it fulfils the customer’s needs, solve the majority of peoples common problem, then sells will automatically attracted. Quality of Product is very Important factor. Marketing is based on perception of customer but the product is in the root. A great product sells itself.

What is the Product

Good Product automatically accelerate the rate of Marketing by the customers. If one customer purchase your product and he completely satisfied then definitely he will refer to another one and so on .

Good marketing is a good perception of product only but not helps people to discover the good product, i.e. A low quality product may have good perception with help of good marketing , that is happening in Indian market today’s time. But if low quality product is promoted, it will not stable in market, its value becomes degraded when people realize the truth.

When you market any product to your target customer, then How much chances are there that he will purchase your product, it depends upon your customer that how much trust he have on you. So it is need to build a strong trust to your target audience. More the trust build up, more the chances to purchase the product, result in more selling to you.

Another aspect is to build a Brand or Become a brand to capture a position in the marketspace which is occupied in Customer’s mind same like examples Thanda matlab Coca-Cola, Search Engine- Google etc.

In short

“ Marketing required to know & understand the customer’s Need/Problems/Challenges so well Product/Service fits him sells itself”

How can I market the Product?

The Product can be marketed through the medium of Digital Marketing as well as Traditional Marketing.
Now, the question comes in mind that which one is better? which one is more successful?

Let’s see some Medium of both both types of Marketing:

Traditional vs Digital Marketing

TV ads can reach up to 800 million to 1 billion peoples, Radio can reach 65% of the Population, Newspaper can reach 400–500 million people. These are some traditional ways to reach out broad audience but a very high cost.

Digital Marketing media can reach up to same count but at very low cost with help of Paid advertising, Email marketing etc. Digital media is a growing media with developing technology as everything is going to be settle on digital media. Even TV becomes smart TV having Android version can support webpages, Facebook app etc. So Digital Media is becoming more powerful in today’s era.

Traditional Marketing is impactful, Permanent & measurable but its hard to measure the target audience, sometime expensive and also no any direct interaction with audience.

Digital Marketing is very powerful, very wide variety of media, also measurable the target audience. But Digital Marketing is continuously evolving as Technology evolving. So you need to be flexible and adopt the change of technology.

When you develop some Quality product, you need to generate Sales through Marketing either it may be traditional or Digital Marketing, But whatever path you choose, you need some kind of marketing funnel which helps you to generate more sales and ultimately more wealth. When you go to the path of digital marketing, you need to follow CATT Funnel, which is based on your selected Niche. Your wealth and success is depend on your selection of niche which is based on Passion, talent and Market opportunities.

CATT Digital Marketing Funnel

Wealth = n^CATT
n = Niche
C= Content
A= Attention
T = Trust
T = Transaction

What is the Niche?

To find out your proper Niche, you need to follow three principal rules:

1) Passion :- Ask yourself “Am I passionate about it?”

2) Talent :- “Do I have a skill to do this one effortlessly?”

3) Market opportunities:- “What kind of problem I wanna going to be solve? Is it based on reality? How much demand is there?

Most of the people fails because they don’t follow all the three rules. If anyone of them fail, people fails out.
So that’s why the right selection of niche is very important.

What is CATT Funnel?


When you decide/choose your niche, you need to further create the attractive content which becomes your assets. Contents may be in the form of Blog Post, Videos, Audios, Images, Web series, Online Webinar, 3 Day Courses etc. The Quality and Originality of your content completely decide how much traffic will come to your content, how much people come and purchase. If your content solve the problems of most of the people then demand will become increased, then traffic will come on your content in a natural way. But if not, then you put more effort to build your content original and high quality.


In the whole world attention is the only key from which every action is started. If attention is not there, no existence of anything. For example if you build your content, but you keep that content in such a place that no one can see it, then that content is not profitable for you. So to grab attention of people to your content is very important task.

There are some process like Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine Marketing (SEM) etc. which is helpful grab attention of people to your blog post or any of your content.


If your Product is Original and high quality, also traffic on your content is high, then there is very high chances that trust automatically build up with the customer. Building Trust with your clients/Customers is a very important factor which makes the strong relationship with your customers on long term basis.
Interacting with your customers, and identify their needs, challenges and the problems they are facing, if you provide them solution, then trust buildup is permanent. That’s the Power of Trust.

Trust can be build up by some of methods like Trip wiring, Marketing Automation, Retargeting etc.


When the strong trust is build up then your clients and customers becomes your brand ambassadors they market your content in their circles, when it happens the Sales generation process become natural. More the long process, more the sales, more the customer, again more trust, more the new customer and cycle goes on as seen in figure above.

As you grow in Digital Marketing field, it came to know in your experience that Digital Marketing itself has so many modules & strategies. Each and every modules itself is like an ocean. Expertise in each module required a lot of consistent work and long term experience. Become an expert of one module and start digital marketing services is not so much profitable because at any point of life, you have to grow your business to the next level. For this purpose working with one or two modules is not sufficient. You need to work on every modules of Digital Marketing and execute it in a integrated way of all modules.

Integrated Digital Marketing

What are the Different Modules of Digital Marketing?

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2) Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)

3) Email Marketing

4) Content Marketing

5) Social Media Marketing

6) Marketing Automation etc.

These are some modules of Digital Marketing, When they are combined in a particular way, which is unique and different then use it in integrated manner, the power goes up to a new level. This is called Integrated Digital Marketing.

Personal branding is the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority in their industry, elevating their credibility, and differentiating themselves from the competition, to ultimately advance their career, increase their circle of influence, and have a larger impact — Wikipedia.

Personal Branding refers to the process of establishing your Public Images for your target audience. To establishing yourself, you need a very clear story that who are you so that people remember you. you as a brand fixes a space in the mind of public. Always remember that people want to hear from people not from the brands.

A Personal Brand becomes an influencer and a brand ambassador for the companies that they run.

How you can evolve yourself as Personal Brand?

Mass Trust Blueprint for Personal branding in Digital Marketing Field

The evolution of Personal brand includes 6- Step Process which is called Mass Trust Blueprint, Which involve:


To learn a new skill through a facts, concept and Procedures.
This learning Phase includes 3 steps —
1. Understand the Concepts.
2. Remember the Facts and Data.
3. Practice the procedures.


After the learning phase, It’s the time to implement it in the real world for the better understanding.


Writing a blog about what you have learned and experience. When you write you understand it more better and build up your personal brand.


When you create your personal brand through blog, you can start consulting to other peoples to help in their business.


As you already personal brand, so many peoples follow you and many of them wants to become like you. So start mentoring to those peoples. Mentoring also scale your understanding.


At this step you have complete understanding of every aspect of Digital Marketing. You can startup your business , generate your own product and services. you become yourself as brand ambassador of your company, your business.

The above Mass Trust Blueprint is a cyclic process, once completed one cycle then go for next cycle to improve and so on.

To become successful digital marketer or a successful businessman you should have to implement whatever you have learned. All basic fundamentals like laws of marketing, CATT marketing funnel, integrated digital marketing and personal branding are very important factors. These help to grow your business and take it to a next level.
Always keep growing and don’t wait to implement whatever you learn.

So What are you waiting for?

Learn, practice, implement, experience and create something new.

All the Best, If you have any question, leave in a comment box.

Your Truly
Rakesh Inani

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